The End of Autolynk

Despite assurances to the contrary, Autolynk is officially now obsolete software. If you’re still using Autolynk, you should contact your An Post account manager and ask them about the new web based e-commerce hub that is replacing it.

If you’re only shipping to Ireland or the EU, you can stay on Autolynk indefinitely. However if you’re shipping outside of the EU, Autolynk does not properly process customs data for electronic customs declarations and so is unsuitable for these kinds of orders. If you’re shipping to the USA, you must switch to the new e-commerce hub right away, otherwise expect your parcels to be returned.

Multiple times while developing our plugin we were assured by An Post that Autolynk was not being retired, and yet here we are. Frustratingly we wasted thousands of euros and many man hours developing this plugin upgrade for nothing. For a communications company, An Post could stand to improve their communications with their customers!

There will be one last version of the Autolynk Import/Export plugin due to be released shortly. This version has several bug-fixes and was designed to provide customs data ready for electronic customs declarations. However, even if you provide this information to Autokynk, it does not work since Autolynk can’t properly process and forward the customs information for electronic customs even if you do provide it.

If you need the updated import sequence csv for this new version, you can get it here.


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VGP Media Limited is a small, family run business based in the Republic of Ireland that creates rich websites with exciting content and multiple monetization options.

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We also work with Agent Digital here in Ireland to produce and maintain the VGP Import Export for Autolynk in WooCommerce plugin. Click here for more information on that.